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Lady Beagle Finley Review

Lady Beagle Finley’s mom contacted us through the new-to-us service, and asked to have her stay just a day or two in advance of their arrival. Are we ever glad to have had the opportunity to add her to the pack, however temporary.

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Finley is a very mellow, older beagle; her mom reported that she  gets on well with all dogs (mostly she sniffs them and then largely ignores them).

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The rest of her description of this young-at-heart pup made us feel comfortable with taking her without an initial meet and greet, which is the typical process.  Alison let us know Finley has no special needs. She does not bay or howl, and only occasionally barks (once or twice a month). She has been with a few / sitters and all have reported very favourably about her behaviour and interaction with other dogs.

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Her description was spot on!

Lady Beagle Finley Review

This is what Alison had to say about us, a review for which we are humbly thankful:

Finley the Beagle could not have asked for a better experience as we traveled through Niagara. She enjoyed staying with Judith and her pups. The backyard is a dog’s paradise. Judith was professional, caring, and very thoughtful throughout the process. When our plans took a detour, Judith was flexible and easy to work worth. Thanks, Judith!

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