canadian winter dog

Dogs Embrace Winter

From sub-zero temperatures and wind chill factors, to crazy thaws and rain in January, our daycare and boarding dogs know how to take advantage of any Canadian winter situation. Here’s how they do it!

Dogs Embrace Winter in Canada

What’s a winter without a husky in the snow – Theo and Jack mix it up in the crisp white stuff.

You’ve heard of making snow angels? Well, Jack makes Snow Snout Angels! dogs in winter angels

Cocotte doesn’t mind getting a snowy muzzle, as long as she has her warm winter coat as well.

dogs winter canada

Petey the French Bulldog is braving the elements, though frozen goober is a bit of a thing.

frozen dogs in winter

As long as he keeps movin’ he can do it. Fiona makes a great playmate for a quick romp outside even without his winter coat.

frenchie dog winter

Winter Dog Fun

After the frigid run of super cold weather, and before the global-warming rain, our daycare visitors Fiona and Arlington, along with boarding guest Soy the Jindo dog get in a little run around.

winter dog fun

Everybodys got the zoomies during the sunny play winter

Coco is like a bunny in the snow – she absolutely loves it just like Jack, and hops all over in the deep stuff. A joy to watch.

McGee the Chi has a bit of a challenge getting through the snow drifts, but he’s a Canadian dog now so on he plows!

snow chihuahua

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