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Four Dog Training Grad Classes

Four grad classes just last week, and our class count is about a dozen a week, not including make up classes, assessments and private one on one sessions. What a treat for this ol gal! Our illustrious pet parents are totally ON their game, with many continuing their dog training career into intermediate, advanced and special for October – Trick Training!

Jackson the black Lab on the left and Ben the Red Lab on the far right are just one month different in age; Jackson being the younger. In puppy class, that can really have an effect on how the dogs learn the same material. Ryder and his people Joan and Bob and rescued Beagle Paws and his poppa Ryan are in the middle. All made the Intermediate grade – yea!

Some classes just click like magic – Blossom the Old English Bulldog was a show dog for two years before her new parents decided to fill in her knowledge of more regular doggy behaviour. Blossom’s best cue was greeting people nicely as you can imagine. Pet parent Marilyn adopted two beagle siblings at the same time – Comfort and Joy. She decided to bring Joy to puppy class, and plans to bring both to Intermediate. We can’t wait.

From the left, here’s rescued dog Peanut the Dachshund with his people Bill and Barb; shy Belle the Border Collie with her mom Holly; Lucy the baby Bullador with her mom Alicia;  and rescued dog Daisy from down south, a Beagle mix, with her dad Bryan. What a party! 

Can you believe we started Puppy class with 7 dogs; by week six, all for very good reasons, the entire graduating class consisted of Lexi and her Pom Poe plus Nancy and her Vizsla Indy. The girls get extra cookies for seeing it through to dog training graduation day!!

For these and more information about dog training classes, contact your local Petsmart or come on by and visit me at the Niagara Falls store!