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Dalmatian Boarding Spotted Glory!

Dalmatian dog sisters Penny and Phoenix live just across the street from Furever Pet Care, and when their family took an extended trip out of town, we got to hang out with them in our yard!

dalmatian dog boarding

Penny and Phoenix were both adopted, rescued from a neglectful situation. The adoption took place one dog at a time, separated by a few months. You would never know these real-life litter mates were apart for even a moment based on their happy life now.

dalmatian dog boarding dalmatian dog boarding

Penny on the left looks out for her sister, or rather keeps an ear to the ground for her. Thats because Phoenix was born without hearing, that is to say she is deaf. Which does not slow either girl down one iota …

dalmatian dog boarding

… out hosta garden being testimony to that!

dalmatian dog boarding

They sleep nicely in their respective beds, more than content to have a nice pacifying chewy before they rest.

dalmatian dog boarding

We look forward to seeing these Dalmatian dog sweeties as they conquer their training and come to own the whole neighbourhood!

dalmatian dog boarding

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