Christmas Dog Photo 2020 – The Gents

Holiday hounds and shepherds and doodles – voila! Such a distinguished and ever so photogenic collection of gentleman dog photos as you ever want to see – have a gander at these fellas Gus the Pointer, Duke the GSD and Jax the Labradoodle.

Gentleman Dog Jax

He was a little shy for a little instant, then it was all dog model business for this energetic pup. Always surprises me, the dogs I think are not going to sit still long enough, end up being some of the best camera subjects. Just goes to prove, don’t judge a dog by their off-set antics!

Jax the one year old Labradoodle

Shepherd Christmas Dog Duke

Regal, loyal and smart as a whip, German Shepherd Dogs are all that and a bag of sticks. Duke is a wonderful example of all the good things about his breed. His family has been dedicated to raising a wonderful dog since the moment they brought him home, and it shows!

Point Us Out a Show Dog Gus

He is a ham all right, our big boy Gus – and he still fits in a basket! It helps during the dog photo shoot that his mom works his german short haired pointer brain on a daily basis. Such laser focus!

Gus the Christmas Pointer

Even though the dog boarding business is pretty much non-existent, we are grateful and joyful that dog playdates and dog daycare have kept our camera fingers busy. Thanks again to our colleague Tegan P, these are a team effort for sure. And we are not done yet folks, more Christmas dog photos to come!