The Fluffs Christmas Dog Photo Shoot 2020

They are the fluff, the nutter, the curly and the cute! They are all that and a bag of presents on this 2020 Christmas dog photo shoot.

It’s a lot of business taking a dog photo. The creatures rarely sit still, especially the young dogs. More kudos to the animal wranglers of the world, it ain’t an easy stunt. Adding lights, sets, props costumes and time limits leads to that much more fun. From eating the props to running and knocking down lights its a hooty hoot adventure here at Furever Pet Care when we tackle the annual Christmas project!

Bentley Nutter


Looks like it’d be easy getting this cute shot right? We’re talking 144 tries, 2 cameras, a bunch of toys and a bag of treats and to get the selections you see here today – d’oh!

George the Curly


Cute, dark and curly is our young boy George, and not so inclined to sit still for long. Fast lens and clicky fingers required!

Wrigley The Cute

Wrigley is a dream to photograph. He wears clothes all the time because he is all of 3 pounds and 3 inches from the ground. Backwards present costume? No problem. Sit in a basket sleigh on top of a box on top of a footstool? No problem. You want me to look here? No problem. Yea Wrigley!

Wrigley the Pro Dog
Just lemme get this treaty crumb off my nose!

Abigail the Fluff

Abigail the Havanese dog, or as we nicked named her, Abie Havi. She was a wonderfully cooperative dog photo subject. By this time we had the process down pat, so it was a short sweet stint in front of the lens for Abie!

Abigail the Havanese

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way … Oh what fun it is to shoot with the dogs of daycare here! Hey!

Many thanks to the Christmas elf who helped get all this gorgeous on screen – you know who you are Tegan P!