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Beagle Rescue Saved By His Namesake

Welcome Trooper to the Furever Pet Care Pack! He’s a 2 year old beagle mix come up from Texas to find a furever home with his dad in Fort Erie. Thank goodness that officer was in the right place at the right time!

Beagle Rescue Just in Time

trooper beagle rescueTrooper got his name from his rescue adventure.  After the floods in Texas, a local law enforcement offer found him swimming and homeless. That trooper took him in, saved his life, brought him to the rescue group and that was the beginning of his next chapter.

Many pets were left to fend for themselves right after the floods, unable to re-unite with their families. Even and families struggled to re-build their lives, pets were surrendered to rescue groups when their families realized they could not manage pets and recovery. Read a heart-warming and inspiring story of how rescues, foster volunteers and adoptive families saved hundreds and hundreds of rescued pets here in the Washington Post.

Trooper Makes a Friend at Furever

If you follow our posts regularly, you may know how much we are thrilled when our dog daycare and dog boarding guests make fast friends. It was fast indeed when Trooper and Milo met during Troopers first day stay!

beagle rescue makes friends

beagle rescue takes picture

Trooper is a grateful and happy rescue dog, as many rescued dogs are. We look forward to introducing him to more members of the regular Furever Pet Care pack as he settles in.

happy beagle rescue

Stay tuned for more Trooper adventures!