chihuahua dachshund boarding dog

Chi-Weenie Dog Boarding Newbie

Welcome to chi-weenie dog boarding newbie Momo! Chi-weenie is the nickname for chihuahua and dachshund dogs, and as far as we know, that’s exactly the heritage of wee Momo. This is his very first day at Furever Pet Care!

Momo was adopted just a few weeks ago. He was rescued, along with 3 siblings and his mom, from a hoarding situation in Georgia by Niagara Dog Rescue and brought to Canada.  Since its been such a short time, its not surprising that this little guy needs a little reassurance on his first day dog boarding.

Chi-Weenie Dog Boarding Newbie

Chi-Weenie Dog Boarding First Day

Actually Momo’s first day was a trial day of daycare, to ensure that he is comfortable enough to hang out, and to introduce him to the rest of the regular dog pack.  We took it nice and slow outside. Momo did great!

Inside he seemed to quite like hanging with Oscar the Maltese.

Chanel is a 6 month old Shih-Chi, that is to say she is a Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix. Can you tell she and Momo have shared genes? Look at those ears! They could start a Chi-Airline between them!

Chi-Weenie Dog Boarding friend

After a busy morning getting to know the other dogs, its cuddle time. Which quickly turns into nap time for this baby puppy.

All went well on first day says mum:

I feel very lucky to have connected with Judith through Rover. She is so knowledgeable, sets up her care routine with such consideration, and is invested in the individual dogs. I felt so comfortable leaving my dog in her care and happy when I picked him up. – Mylee N.

So Momo will be staying with us until Saturday while mom is away. We are  looking forward to getting to know this busy little chi-weenie!

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