dog training new pack dog

Husky Puppy Ayra Joins the Pack

We are privileged to introduce Husky puppy Ayra to the Furever Pet Care pack! She will be doing some pre-school training and foundation skills with us here on a regular basis.

dog training puppy husky

In the New Year, she will join Unleashed Niagara Puppy Kindergarten. The group dog training class is going to be so great to help introduce her to the big wide world. Of course mum is already introducing her to new people, things and places on the home front.

True to her husky heritage!

Ayra’s mum had wanted to bring a Siberian Husky pup into her life for a long time. She did a lot of research about the dog breed, and prepared her home schedule well to accommodate the needs of a growing dog. Her roommates are all on board too, so Ayra has a wonderful community of caregivers in place.

Sometimes meeting new friends can be scary!

We are so looking forward to sharing time with puppy husky Ayra, and all the props to mum for being super dedicated to her life and development through training, socialization and pure puppy love.

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