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Henry the Terrier Makes Some Friends

Henry the Terrier came to stay with Furever Pet Care after his previous dog boarding plans fell through. ¬†We are grateful his mumz found us, because he’s been a delight for both our dog guests and our people guests.

He made a special connection with our colleague Gordon West. Gord helps us with the dog daycare to make sure every pup gets exactly what they need – walks, yard time, feedings and of course good luvin.

Terrier Makes Some Friends

His mumz said “Henry is not used to being around dogs, and may take time to warm up, but gets along after a bit.” Well, in our humble experience Henry “a bit” was a very short time indeed. He is aces with doggie friends!

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After proper introductions, this pup has been tearing up the yard (in a good way!) with fellow Guests Duke the Border Collie and Jack the Malti-Poo.

Terrier Makes Some Friends


Looking forward to more doggy friend making adventures during Terrier Henry’s stay at Furever Pet Care.