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Henry’s Progress Waiting for Furever Home

Henry is a young adoptable dog rescued by  Niagara Dog Rescue and under our care here at Furever Pet Care until he finds the perfect furever home. Read more about him below and consider the chance to adopt a dog!

Henry takes treats nicely and knows the :touch: command!

A small-medium sized dog about 25 lbs and 18″ high at the withers, he is likely 2 to 5 years old though age is a best guess. Our Henry looks like a Schipperke (“SHEEP-er-kee”) crossed with a tiny German Shepherd; his mixed breed heritage is actually unknown. His coat is thick chocolate-black sable. He is being fostered by Furever Pet Care in Niagara Falls, ON.

Our nickname for Henry is “Pirate” because because he has one winky eye that gives him a one-of-a-kind pirate style! That left eye seems to have been winky since birth – the eyeball is there, its sighted, and it is inset and smaller than the other. Vet check says it does not bother Henry and no special treatment is required.

Personality-wise, Henry carries some good pirate-y qualities too. He has long since forgotten his beginnings – he was rescued from a hoarding situation – and is bravely learning how to take in all that a dog is offered in a loving home. He is curious and eager to explore his new amazing world, though he explores with a cautious approach.

His foster home also hosts dog boarding guests, so Henry has opportunities to interact with many dogs of various size and energy.  He loves to romp and play with dogs his own size, and seems to have a special love for Boston Terriers and Frenchies. Larger dogs are intimidating at first; a proper slow introduction helps him stay positive.  Small and tiny dogs he pretty much ignores, in a good way. He watches the resident trio of chihuahuas quite closely, taking cues on how stuff happens. Because he is learning so much from other dogs, we would prefer Henry be adopted to a family who has a well-adjusted dog in the home already. We believe he would do fine with any sized dog that was stable rather than hyper. 

He is now happy to hang out on the sofa for movie nights, especially if there are snacks involved. We trade treats for pets, and he is learning to enjoy human hands even more. He’s just as happy to be on his own independently while other things go on in the house.  Henry knows and responds to his name, comes close when called, will go into his crate on command (and often chooses to hang out in his den of his own accord), takes food and treats from the hand, waits to go through the door, will stand still for leash on/leash off inside and outside, and follows along nicely on leashed walks. 

Henry is not a bark-y dog though he does “talk” quite a bit.  When he is presented with something new when he is unsure or nervous, and when he is happily excited he has a range of expressions that often sound like a baby bear! 

He gets very excited for dinner, eats well, and quite food motivated, which helps a lot with his socialization process. He is reliably potty trained. He gets excited for walks, and sometimes barks when people come home. He sleeps quietly overnight in his crate, and is crated while people are out of the house, typically for up to 6 hours per day.

He has been cautious with new people at the house,  willing to be in the same room and take a treat depending on the human. We have not had an opportunity to interact with children, however Henry would do best in a home with children over 16 as he is still learning how to be a home dog.

Hands-on pets for Henry are a matter of building trust, frequency, and guidance.  He enjoys brief scratches under the chin, behind the ears, strokes on the sides, and a little massage on the shoulders. As he becomes more confident in his interactions with people, specifically with “his person” when that happens, it is likely he will come to love being loved, just as any rescue dog does.

Henry is not the only dog still awaiting a forever home with Niagara Dog Rescue. If you are interested in saving a life or two, please visit https://www.niagaradogrescue.org/adoption