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Dog Photography of 2018, Our Favs

We love all our dogs and all our dogs are gorgeous. We we lucky enough to catch a bunch of precious moments this past year of 2018. Here’s just a few of our favourites. Not because they are always in focus, but because they capture the essence of what wonderful fun it is to be a dog. And to be privileged to share their sense of adventure, wonderment, joy and movement through the world. 

Bosco!Bosco pug face boardingpug face dog boarding

Theo and Jack

Lincoln and Momo

Chihuahua Boston Terrier dog boarding

Jamila’s birthday

Chanel’s hungry

chihuahua boarding

Arlington’s nose

beagle nose

Jack’s snow face

canadian winter dog

The boys gotta do it, brave Soy

soy neuter

Pita the Pug – do they ever not worry?

pita the pug boarding

Bella the shy chihuahua

chihuahua dog boarding Bella

Lincoln with a bone cigar

Lincoln boston terrier boarding

Summertime bliss

chanel chihuahua bliss summer

Buddies in boarding – Moe and Trooper

Australian Shepherd Moe

Moe and Trooper Beagle Aussie Boarding

Doppleganger Doberman, Dyna and Abbie

Doberman dog boarding

Even on rainy days, Rigby

wet dog Rigby sheepdog

Lucky – or a tree?

Lucky silhouette dog photography

Some of our regular daycare doggies come to us to help them reach the next level of confidence, comfort and socialization. So proud to be a small part of the journey.

Conquering retail, Fiona

Fiona retail adventure

Rescued chihuahua Annie joins the pack

Annie Chihuahua rescue

Over the rainbow bridge, Buddy

Yorkie boarding Buddy

Many thanks to all the pet parents who shared their precious pups with us this year. Many happy returns for the one upcoming!