Beaux Frenchie Fun

Beaux Frenchie came to stay for a few days, and we thought we’d make the most of it, given that we have a certain amount of time to give. Beaux is 10 months old, and lives in a lovely home with his hooman mum and dad and big ( I mean BIG) sister Ruby St. Bernard. Technically, we are not allowed to play in the City playground, but no one was around, and Beaux needs some confidence boosting. Soooo…

We played!  First, we had to figure out the spacey steps with holes … a little scary, taking a little time to thoroughly check things out.

We went all the way to the top – yea Beaux Frenchie! Why did we try for the top step? Why that’s because there is a slide to get down again!

This is Beaux Frenchie’s first visit to Furever Pet Care, so we do not know if a slide is something he has met before. We took went down together first, just so everybody knows its a lot of fun.

I believe Beaux needs a little confidence boosting; thats why we were daring the rules and playing in the playground (don’t tell the City people). It made sense to have Beaux Frenchie try a solo flight next. And he did it!

Beaux Frenchie Fun

So happy for Beaux and we would have done a whole lot more illicit playground sliding, but I did not want to make a juvie of him getting busted and all. We snuck on over to the tilty wobbly moving platform, and by that time Beaux Frenchie was cookin’, I could not keep the camera snappin’ fast enough to catch him doing all that.

What a champ our young Frenchie! Tackling all kinds of new stuff, and doing some visiting around town too. We went through his polite-dog repertoire at PetSmart and Global and Home Hardware – whew, quite a day.

The next day it was all about doggy social. Stella the resident Min Pin showed Beaux how to have fun canine-style – when you can not use your St. Bernard sister for a trampoline, you gotta use your legs to run run run.

Stella showing off her mad recall skills makes a host proud. Beaux takes the cue and comes on in like a champ – good on ya Frenchie!

Looking forward to seeing more of Beaux Frenchie as the opportunity permits. Thanks for sharing Jazmine, Dan and Ruby too 🙂

Dan, Jazmine and Ruby St Bernard Puppy Grad August 2017