halloween dogs 2019

2019 Halloween Dogs

Every year we photograph as many dogs as we have at the same time the costumes are here! This year’s Halloween dogs included Vuitton, Cortez, Jack, Stella as well as our own pups McGee, Jill and Gucci.

For a foster dog with not much modeling experience, Stella the Miniature Pinscher did very well indeed. She may have a future career as Halloween dog costume tester!

2019 halloween dogs
Stella the Caterpillar

Halloween with Chi

No chihuahuas were harmed in this photo shoot, despite the scary Shark costume! Cortez was a brave boy and battled his way into the perfect shot.

Cortez battles the Shark

Vuitton is cute as a … well, as cute as a baby Panda!

dogs of halloween 2019
Vuitton the Panda

Gucci went to the water for his inspiration this year – he thinks he is Poseidon King of the Seas. Please do not tell him that’s a Guinea Pig costume for a mermaid, it would break his Halloween heart.

dogs 2019 halloween
Poseidon King of the Sea aka Gucci

Jill is so pretty in her Unicorn dog costume … but …

halloween dog costume

… she can be SCARY Unicorn Halloween Dog too!

scary unicorn dog costume

Last chi but not least is McGee the Sumo Wrestler, taking one for the team!

halloween dog costumes 2019

Halloween would not be the same without our honorary doggy brother Jack, sporting a jaunty little cap and shiny beads. Thanks Jack, for putting up with another Halloween shenanigan!

halloween jack dog
Jack the Dude
Zsa Zsa nails the Elvis snarl!

Can’t wait for next year’s spook fest dog costumes!