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Dog Rescue Directory

Lorraine Houston, founder of Speaking of Dogs Rescue, is also the force behind the yearly publication of Province of Ontario Breed Specific and All Breed Rescue Directory. She and her team of volunteers contact each rescue and shelter in the Directory  in their effort to provide current and accurate information in each year’s edition.

2019 Breed Specific and All Breed Rescue Directory

For the benefit of shelters and the general public that may be interested in working with the rescue groups, they have instituted certain criteria that each rescue must meet in order to be included.  Recognizing their hard work and diligence, Furever Network has included a call out icon for those member rescues that have met the Directory’s standards.

The standards for inclusion, and recognized by Furever Network, are the following:

  • Minimum 2 years of operational history
  • Must have an adoption process that includes an adoption application, contract and return policy
  • That return policy must ensure that any dog adopted will be taken back at any time, for any reason
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered and fully vetted prior to adoption 
  • We ask for vet references
  • We ask for shelter references
  • We ask for 2 rescue references
  • NOTE: New rescue additions are posted on our rescue board for comments and input from approved rescues

By highlighting the rescue groups that have met this standard, we honour the work of Speaking of Dogs, and hope to move the entire rescue community to the practice of setting and meeting the criteria for a base standard of operational excellence.

For more details on getting your rescue organization included in the Directory, please contact Lorraine Houston, Speaking of Dogs on their website here >> http://speakingofdogs.com/

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