DOG Discovery Of Goodwill

DOG Discovery Of Goodwill was founded by Gayle Wilson to offer your dog the services of home while you are away. We provide dog daycare, sitting, walking, escort to vet appointments and play date services, all while you are away. Gayle is also a volunteer dog rescue expert with DOG Discovery Of Goodwill and animal advocate  in her community for over 10 years with a certificate in Pet CPR/First Aid.  Experienced with dogs needing medication and palliative care dogs. Known for placing misplaced dogs in furever homes and making friends with every dog she meets.


Gayle’s passion for dogs stems from a childhood growing up with dogs and other animals all around her.  This passion has only grown over the years and has never waned. She has committed her life to the well-being of dogs full time since 2008. Today, she is the proud Dogmama of 3 rescue dogs!  Known as “The Dogmama” to many for her experience, understanding and passion for dogs. Serving the Mississauga and surrounding area (Brampton and Oakville).

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Discovery of Goodwill

  • What is your dog doing home alone?
  • Do you wonder what your puppy is up to when you are at work?
  • Do you work 8 hour days or more?
  • Is your dog getting the appropriate number of walks/exercise a day?
  • Is your dog destructive in the home?
  • Is your home soiled when you come home?
  • Does your dog bark all day?
  • Does your dog suffer anxiety?
  • Do you run late at work and concern yourself about your dog at home?
  • Do your neighbours complain of noise?
  • Do you have to take a day off work to take your dog to the vets/groomers?
  • Do you love your dog and want only the best for them?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then consider the services of DOG…your dog’s best friend!  We will sit, walk, feed and play with your dog!  Easing your mind and keeping your dog happy!

 Contact Gayle to arrange a visit with your dog – email bajanswing – at –



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