Dog Socials and Playdates

The provincial guidelines regarding our social lives during this prolonged pandemic is tough on us humans. Yet pet training and pet boarding are being permitted. Which means, with appropriate protections, Furever Pet Care can continue to offer our dogs some options with regards to their quality of doggy social life.

Drop-Off Socials allow pet parents to drop off their dog at my home on a designated day and time. I will be specifically arranging each session with select dogs to ensure compatibility and enrichment. It will give the participating dogs appropriate socialization and playtime together under my dog-training supervision.


DATES & TIMES: we are currently booking TUESDAY evenings and SUNDAY mornings.

DURATION: 45 Minutes per session

GROUP SIZE: Up to 4 dogs

REQUIRED: Proof of vaccinations and flea/tick preventative; signed Participation Waiver; new participants will require one meet and greet with your dog prior to first session.

BOOKING & CANCELLATION POLICY: Fee is $20 per session; reservation and payment required IN ADVANCE so I can ensure good playmate matches. No refunds, however I will do my best to roll a cancellation into a future session.

LOCATION: 6530 Russell St Niagara Falls ON L2J 1P7

COVID PROTOCOLS: include contactless outside drop off and pick ups; one person at a time arrival/departure; no additional items to accompany the dog (i.e. treats, food, toys).

If you are interested in joining our ongoing program, email us via our contact page here!

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